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Police Force 2 Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

Police Force 2

Police Force 2 It’s not often enough that games based on emergency services are released, there’s little out there, surprising when you consider they’re everything young kids want to be. Police Force 2 is the pseudo simulator-cum-action title that sticks you in the shoes of a humble police officer out on the beat, the question is, is it really as much fun as you think?
When you’re ready to hit the streets you’ll start your first shift, each is randomly generated from a selection of different jobs that can generally be finished in around 5-10 minutes, allowing you the rest of your 30 minute shift answering emergency calls and generally policing your district and keeping your populace safe. Shifts will range from anything like catching speeders, busting smugglers and photographing drug dealers, they aren’t generally too exciting; however this is where emergency callscome in.
To break up the monotony of daily life you’ve got emergency calls, in a shift you’ll be tasked with as many as humanly possible, their spontaneity does add greatly to the game, but they also come at a price. If you may have a particularly tasking job on your shift, such as locating a number of pushers which can be tricky to track down especially during a night shift and the last thing you want is for emergency calls to crop up every couple of minutes. However, if it weren’t for emergency calls you wouldn’t get to respond to shops getting held up at gunpoint, stolen handbags or drunken homeless fights.

Screenshots : 

System Requirements :

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.0 GHz

Size= 266 MB
Video Memory= 256 MB
OS= Windows XP Windows Vista Widows 7 Windows 8

Password :

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